ShrinkSafe Consulting offers comprehensive, industry specific safety awareness training for the shrink wrapping professional and novice alike.  By pairing a classroom safety awareness program with hands on training at your facility, it is our goal to familiarize clients with the shrink wrapping process with a focus on keeping persons and property safe by reinforcing best practices that can be applied in many industries where shrink wrapping is employed.

Our unique approach to training is customized to meet your need and typically starts with a classroom presentation and overview of the tools and equipment commonly used in shrink wrapping installations, as well as techniques that can be applied in various scenarios to more safely and efficiently perform shrink wrapping tasks.  We then work with your staff at your facility with hands on shrink wrapping of the types items that your staff will most commonly be shrink wrapping.  Our goal is to make your staff, no matter present level of shrink wrapping experience, comfortable with the tools and techniques while reinforcing best practices in order to achieve uniform results.

Whether you presently have a shrink wrapping service as part of your business, or you are contemplating the implementation of shrink wrapping, our training can standardize the best practices employed by your staff and help your business standardize procedures and ensure quality.   

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Shrink Wrapping Safety Awareness Training For Industrial Applications Throughout The United States

Please Note:  Our training is not a substitute for any other federal, state, or locally mandated safety protocols or permitting and should be used only as a guide to help better familiarize personnel with best practices that may help reduce the potential for loss when working with shrink wrapping materials and equipment.

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